Working with Cosmo Digital aand Shalom Blac was supposed to be "just another shoot". Instead it impacted me as a human being, and left me in awe of Shalom"s strength and fortitude in the face of adversity. 

At a young age, she was badly burned at her mom's restaurant in Nigeria, leaving her with lifelong scars both physically and mentally. After numerous surgeries and a will to overcome, she immigrated to the US and is now a makeup artist inspiring people far and wide with her YouTube channel.

Thank you Shalom, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

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When working in a visual field, location is everything. Without proper scouting and timing, a magical moment can turn into one's worst nightmare, so careful preparation is key. Showing up to a location and finding out that the crowds are too large or the orientation of the shot is incorrect just adds to unnecessary delays. No one wants to make a "company" move if they don't have too. Time is of the essence in production.

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Having a great "eye" is crucial when working as a Director of Photography. I often say that studying Engineering and Mathematics laid the foundation for mine. To me, it's all about the inherent weights and measures of a certain perspective that add up to make a perfect shot. Not everyone sees things the same way, so photography allows individuals to make a statement with their own vision.

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Most people assume that working overseas is always exciting. The reality is, I'm often getting up before sunrise and wrapping after sunset and have little time to do anything else but eat and sleep. But....if I'm lucky, I'll have a "down day" and get to go do something adventurous. I've had the personal good fortune of sailing off St. Lucia, riding atv's in Costa Rica, surfing off Easter Island, and one of my favorites.....volcano boarding in Nicaragua.

And the irony of it all.....I end up doing what i love to do most.....shooting video and still photography.

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There are so many moving parts that must fit together in filmmaking that I sometimes think of production as a living organism. Whether it's notes from the office, thoughts from your talent, problems with a permit, it all comes down to everyone understanding each other's needs, wants, and visions. Together as one makes for a great day of shooting, and adding a positive attitude is icing on the cake.

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